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అంబరానికి అంటేలా – Ambaraniki-Antela

Lyrics : Ambaraniki-Antela

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Ambaraaniki-Antelaa :

అంబరానికి అంటేలా సంబరాలతో చాటాల
యేసయ్య పుట్టాడని రక్షించవచ్చాడని

1. ప్రవచనాలు నెరవేరాయి శ్రమదినాలు ఇకపోయాయి (2)
విడుదల ప్రకటించే శిక్షను తప్పించే (2)

2. దివిజనాలు సమకురాయి ఘనస్వరాలు వినిపించాయి (2)
పరముకు నడిపించే మార్గము చూపించే (2)

3. సుమవనాలు పులకించాయి పరిమళాలు వెదజల్లాయి (2)
ఇలలో నశియించే జనులను ప్రేమించే (2)


Ambaraaniki-Antelaa :

Sambaraalatho Chaataalaa (2)
Yesayya Puttaadani
Rakshimpa Vachchaadani (2)

Pravachanaalu Neraveraayi
Shrama Dinaalu Ika Poyaayi (2)
Vidudala Prakatinche
Shikshanu Thappinche (2)          ||Yesayya||

Divijanaalu Samakooraayi
Ghanaswaraalu Vinipinchaayi (2)
Paramuku Nadipinche
Maargamu Choopinche (2)          ||Yesayya||

Suma Vanaalu Pulakinchaayi
Parimalaalu Vedajallaayi (2)
Ilalo Nashiyinche
Janulanu Preminche (2)          ||Yesayya||


Dr. A.R. Stevenson

Dr. A.R. Stevenson is a highly esteemed figure in the realm of Indian Christian music, renowned for his multifaceted contributions as a gospel singer, songwriter, pastor, and pivotal member of the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship. His significant impact extends beyond the musical domain, encompassing spiritual leadership and the dissemination of Christian teachings.

As a gospel singer, Dr. A.R. Stevenson has crafted a rich tapestry of devotional songs and hymns in the Telugu language. His compositions are characterized by a harmonious blend of traditional Indian musical elements and contemporary styles, creating a distinctive and spiritually resonant musical experience. His music not only resonates with Telugu-speaking Christian communities but has also garnered appreciation from Christians across India.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Dr. A.R. Stevenson serves as a pastor, actively involved in fostering the growth of the Christian community in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. His leadership within the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship has been instrumental in promoting Christian values and spirituality.

Dr. A.R. Stevenson’s discography includes numerous albums that have become anthems of worship and praise. His commitment to both ministry and music has earned him widespread respect and admiration. His influence transcends regional boundaries, and his work has contributed significantly to the cultural and spiritual tapestry of Christian communities in India.

The legacy of Dr. A.R. Stevenson is not confined to the melodies he has composed but extends to the lives he has touched through his pastoral guidance and spiritual leadership. His enduring impact on the Christian music scene and ministry continues to resonate, making him a revered and beloved figure in the Indian Christian community.



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