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మరియ తనయుడట మనుజ రూపుడట – Mariya tanayudata manuja rupudata

Lyrics: Mariya tanayudata manuja rupudata

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Mariya tanayudata manuja rupudata :

మరియ తనయుడట మనుజ రూపుడట
మాన వాళి నిజదేవుడట
ఇది మరి తలచిన మరువక కొలచిన
మానవాళి నిజ దేవుడట

1. దావీదు అను పట్టణమునకు
పరుగు పరుగునా పొదామా (2)

2. పొత్తి గుడ్డలట చిన్ని తొట్టెలట
పశుల పాకలో పుట్టెనట (2)


Mariya tanayudata manuja rupudata
Mana vali nijadevudata
Idi mari talachina maruvaka kolachina
Manavali nija devudata

1. Davidu anu pattanamunaku
Parugu paruguna podama (2)

2. Potti guddalata chinni tottelata
Pasula pakalo puttenata (2)


Lyrics : Unknown

Mariya Thanayudata,” a beloved Telugu Christian song, captures the essence of the immense joy and happiness that accompanied the birth of Jesus Christ. The lyrics, penned with heartfelt reverence, paint a vivid picture of the miraculous event, highlighting the divine grace and love that descended upon the world in the form of a humble child.

The song begins with a declaration of praise, extolling the virtues of Mary, the epitome of purity and devotion. The lyrics beautifully describe her as “a vessel of grace,” chosen to bear the Son of God. The song then shifts focus to the birth itself, emphasizing the divine intervention that transformed Mary’s womb into a sanctuary for the divine presence.

The lyrics depict the scene with awe and reverence, evoking images of angels singing, stars aligning, and the heavens rejoicing in the birth of the Savior. The song’s melody mirrors this joyous atmosphere, with its uplifting tempo and harmonious blend of voices, evoking a sense of spiritual elation.

“Mariya Thanayudata” culminates in a fervent prayer of gratitude, acknowledging the immense gift of Jesus Christ and the salvation he brought to humanity. The lyrics express the deep-seated love and devotion that Telugu Christians hold for their Savior, emphasizing the transformative power of his birth.

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