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యేసే జన్మించెరా | Yese Janmincheraa |

Lyrics: Yese Janmincheraa

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Yese Janmincheraa :

యేసే జన్మించెరా
తమ్ముడా దేవుడవతారించేరా (2)
ఓరె తమ్ముడా ఒరేయ్ ఒరేయ్ తమ్ముడా (4)        ||యేసే||

పెద్ద పెద్ద రాజులంతా నిద్దురలు పోవంగ (2)
అర్దరాత్రి వేళ మనకు ముద్దుగ జన్మించెనయ్యా (2)        ||యేసే||

బెత్లెహేము గ్రామమందు బీద కన్య గర్భమందు (2)
నాథుడు జన్మించెనయ్యా మేలుగ మనందరికి (2)        ||యేసే||



Yese Janmincheraa
Thammudaa Devudavathaarincheraa (2)
Ore Thammuda Orey Orey Thammudaa (4)         ||Yese||

Pedda Pedda Raajulantha Nidduralu Povanga (2)
Ardharaathri Vela Manaku Mudduga Janminchenayya (2)        ||Yese||

Bethlehemu Graamamandu Beeda Kanya Garbhamandu (2)
Naathudu Janminchenayya Meluga Manandariki (2)        ||Yese||


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Yese Janmincheraa Tammuda Devudavatarinchencha

It is a traditional Telugu Christmas hymn that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The song’s origins can be traced back to the early 20th century, with its author remaining unknown. Despite its uncertain origins, the song has become deeply embedded in Telugu Christian culture, serving as a powerful expression of devotion and praise for Jesus Christ. The song’s enduring popularity stems from its simple yet profound message of hope and salvation, resonating with Christians across generations.

The song’s lyrics, filled with reverence and admiration for Jesus, paint a vivid picture of his birth as a momentous event that transformed humanity’s destiny. The song highlights Jesus’s role as the savior, the one who came to redeem humanity from sin and usher in an era of peace and righteousness.

The song’s melody is characterized by its simplicity and repetition, making it easy to learn and sing along to. This accessibility has contributed significantly to the song’s widespread adoption, making it a staple in Christmas celebrations across Telugu-speaking regions. The song’s lyrics, equally straightforward and clear, transcend the barriers of age and background, ensuring that its message reaches a diverse audience.

During Christmas celebrations, the song finds its way into churches, schools, and homes, filling the air with a spirit of joy and reverence. As the congregation joins in unison, singing “Yese Janmincheraa Tammuda Devudavatarinchencha,” the song serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of Jesus Christ in the lives of Christians.

Beyond its religious significance, “Yese Janmincheraa Tammuda Devudavatarinchencha” holds a prominent position in Telugu Christian culture. It represents a rich tapestry of faith, tradition, and cultural identity, serving as a cornerstone of the Telugu Christian experience. The song’s enduring appeal lies in its ability to evoke a sense of unity and shared purpose, bringing together Christians from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the birth of their savior.

As a testament to its enduring impact, “Yese Janmincheraa Tammuda Devudavatarinchencha” continues to inspire and uplift generations of Telugu Christians. Its simple yet powerful message of hope and salvation remains as relevant today as it was when the song was first penned, reminding us of the transformative power of Jesus Christ’s birth and his unwavering love for humanity.



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