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వచ్చింది క్రిస్మస్ వచ్చింది – Vachchindi Christmas Vachchindi

Lyrics: Vachchindi Christmas Vachchindi

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Vachchindi Christmas Vachchindi :

వచ్చింది క్రిస్మస్ వచ్చింది
తెచ్చింది పండుగ తెచ్చింది
వచ్చింది క్రిస్మస్ వచ్చింది
తెచ్చింది రక్షణ తెచ్చింది
ఊరూ వాడా పల్లె పల్లెల్లోన
ఆనందమే ఎంతో సంతోషమే (2)
మన చీకటి బ్రతుకులలోన
ప్రభు యేసు జన్మించెను (2)
రారండోయ్ వేడుక చేద్దాం
కలిసి రారండోయ్ పండుగ చేద్దాం (2)         ||వచ్చింది||

దావీదు పట్టణములో
బేత్లెహేము గ్రామములో
కన్య మరియ గర్భమునందు
బాలునిగా జన్మించెను (2)
అంధకారమే తొలగిపోయెను
చీకు చింతలే తీరిపోయెను (2)          ||మన చీకటి||

ఆకాశంలో ఒక దూత
పలికింది శుభవార్త
మన కొరకు రక్షకుడేసు
దీనునిగా పుట్టాడని (2)
పాప శాపమే తొలగించుటకు
గొప్ప రక్షణ మనకిచ్ఛుటకు (2)          ||మన చీకటి||



Vachchindi Christmas Vachchindi
Thechchindi Panduga Techchindi
Vachchindi Christmas Vachchindi
Thechchindi Rakshana Techchindi
Ooru Vaadaa Palle Pallellona
Aanandame Entho Santhoshame (2)
Mana Cheekati Brathukulalona
Prabhu Yesu Janminchenu (2)
Raarandoi Veduka Cheddaam
Kalisi Raarandoi Panduga Cheddaam (2)           ||Vachchindi||

Daaveedu Pattanamulo
Bethlehemu Graamamulo
Kanya Mariya Garbhamunandu
Baalunigaa Janminchenu (2)
Andhakaarame Tholagipoyenu
Cheeku Chinthale Theeripoyenu (2)         ||Mana Cheekati||

Aakaashamlo Oka Dootha
Palikindi Shubhavaartha
Mana Koraku Rakshakudesu
Deenunigaa Puttaadani (2)
Paapa Shaapame Tholaginchutaku
Goppa Rakshana Manakichchutaku (2)         ||Mana Cheekati||


Lyrics, Tune & Sung By: Joshua Gariki

Music: J.K.Christopher

Joshua Gariki, a devoted Gospel singer hailing from Andhra Pradesh, India, exudes a fervent spirit for spreading the divine message through his music. Blessed by God’s grace, he has crafted six albums, each a testament to his unwavering commitment to inspire people in their worship. What stands out prominently in his musical repertoire are the 25 super hit Christmas songs that have undoubtedly touched the hearts of many.

Joshua’s musical journey is not just about the creation of albums; it’s a profound mission to connect with people on a spiritual level. His vision extends beyond the borders of Andhra Pradesh, reaching out to touch lives far and wide. The power of his music lies in its ability to inspire individuals, encouraging them to worship the father in spirit and in truth.

The impact of Joshua’s work is not limited by geographical boundaries. Through the universal language of music, he strives to unite people from different walks of life, fostering a sense of community and shared spiritual experience. His dedication to spreading positivity and uplifting spirits echoes through each composition, creating an atmosphere where worship becomes a deeply personal and collective journey.

As Joshua Gariki continues his musical endeavors, his passion remains a beacon of light, guiding others towards a meaningful connection with the divine. Whether listeners find solace in his soothing melodies or joy in the festive spirit of his Christmas songs, Joshua’s music serves as a conduit for spiritual reflection and celebration. Through his artistry, he is not only a Gospel singer but a messenger of hope and inspiration, weaving a harmonious tapestry that resonates with the hearts of those who seek a deeper connection with the divine.


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