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బేత్లెహేములో సందడిBetlehemulo sandadi

Lyrics: Betlehemulo sandadi

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Betlehemulo sandadi :

బేత్లెహేములో సందడి – పశుల పాకలో సందడి
శ్రీ యేసు పుట్టాడని – మహారాజు పుట్టాడని  /బేత్లెహేములో/

1.ఆకాశములో సందడి – చుక్కలలో సందడి /2/
వెలుగులతో సందడి – మిలమిల మెరిసే సందడి /2/బేత్లె/

2.దూతల పాటలతో సందడి – సమాధాన వార్తతో సందడి /2/
గొల్లల పరుగులతో సందడి- క్రిస్త్మస్ పాటలతో సందడి/2/బేత్లె/

3.దావిదు పురములో సందడి – రక్షకుని వార్తతో సందడి /2/
జ్ఞానుల రాకతో సందడి – లోకమంతా సందడి /2/బేత్లె/


Betlehemulo sandadi  – Pashulapaakalo sandadi

Sri Yesu puttadani – Maharaaju puttadani /betle/

1. Aakaashamulo sandadi – Chukkalalo sandadi /2/

Velugulato sandadi – Milamila merise sandadi/2/Betle/

2.Dootala paatalato sandadi – Samaadhaana vaarthatho sandadi /2/

Gollala parugulatho sandadi – Christmas paatalatho sandadi  /2/Betle/

3. Daaveedu puramulo sandadi – Rakshakuni vaarthatho sandadi /2/

Jnaanula raakato sandadi – lokamantaa sandadi /2/Betle/


Singer – Joshua Gariki

Lyrics & Tune: Rev.N.Merry Vijay garu

Music – J.K Christopher

J.K. Christopher, a distinguished Christian Gospel music director, programmer, and composer, is a notable figure in the musical landscape of Hyderabad, South India. Born on May 19, his life and artistic journey are steeped in spirituality, and he has become a beacon of inspiration through his soul-stirring compositions.

Guided by a deep faith, J.K. Christopher attributes his musical achievements to the grace of God. His Official YouTube channel stands as a testament to his creative prowess and unwavering commitment to the Christian Gospel music genre. Through this platform, he generously shares a rich collection of compositions that resonate with listeners, conveying messages of faith, worship, and divine love.

J.K. Christopher’s extensive discography includes a myriad of Telugu albums, each bearing the distinct mark of his musical sensibilities. Some notable works produced under his direction include “Nee Aradhana,” “Swagathamo Deva,” “Kapari Swaram,” “Chirakala Sneham,” “Nee Rajyam,” “Santhosha Vasthram,” “Asha Tera,” “Naa Yesayya,” “Sandhya Raagam,” “Viduvani Prema,” “Nee Prema,” “Vunnavu,” “Rojantha,” “Neethi Satyam,” “Tholakari Vaana,” “Nevunte Naaku Chaalu Yesayya,” and more.

J.K. Christopher’s music is not just a product of technical expertise; it carries the heartfelt devotion infused into each composition. The albums produced at his GOD-given Melody Digi Studio in Hyderabad resonate with listeners, providing a spiritual experience that transcends mere musicality.

In humility, J.K. Christopher attributes all glory to Jesus. His contributions continue to inspire and uplift those who appreciate Christian Gospel music, leaving an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape of the Telugu-speaking community. As his melodies echo through the hearts of believers, J.K. Christopher stands as a testament to the transformative power of faith-infused artistry.


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